Why go to LEDs?

In addition to the annual savings on electricity used, there are additional maintenance, disposal and HVAC cost savings as well with the LED fixtures compared to the standard fluorescent fixtures.

The LED fixtures have a life span of greater than 50,000 hours, where a T8 fluorescent bulb has a lifespan of 10,000 to 20,000 hours depending on brand/model number.

Also there will be a wide range in lifespan of the ballast which will also lead to failure in a T8 fluorescent luminaries or a typical MH fixture. Due to the higher initial investment cost of LEDs, VWR must consider the total cost of ownership as well as minimizing the risk and exposure to higher energy costs over the life of the lighting investment. Therefore, LEDs are a paradigm shift in how lighting technology is purchased; LEDs are an investment and not a disposable product.

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