Non-LED Energy Solutions

In addition to LED Energy Solutions we also offer a wide variety of alternative Energy Solutions to meet your needs such as

Insulation Products

ThermoHelp offers a full range of custom-designed removable/reusable flexible insulation covers for equipment of any size and configuration, and a variety of applications at operating temperatures ranging from -80°F/-62°C to 2300°F/1260°C. Our products can be used with any equipment which should be insulated, and still remain easily accessible for maintenance and inspection.

Removable insulation covers have proven themselves a very lucrative product because of their clear benefits: energy conservation, personnel protection, and labor savings. Although in most cases removable insulation covers are initially more expensive than conventional permanent insulation, their cost becomes justified when the permanent insulation must be replaced. In recent years higher labor costs continued to narrow the price gap between permanent and removable/reusable insulation.

Alternative Energy

We work with your local utility as well as federal agencies to maximize any incentive opportunities to implement new technology. LEDTOMORROW is an independent consulting firm that helps our clients navigate through all different forms of alternative energy solutions such as Wind, Solar, and Waste to Energy Solutions. Whether the task involves an independent study or turn-key implementation, at LEDTOMORROW we are here to help.