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At LEDTOMORROW Energy Solutions we provide turn-key implementation of Energy Solution projects such as LED Lighting with design, implementation and rebate / incentive processing services. We provide our customers with high quality, low cost, energy efficient lighting solutions that minimize your energy consumption, improve your bottom line, all while improving your lighting and saving the environment by reducing your carbon foot print. Our primary focus is on identifying and providing recommendations to our clients for energy efficiency measures, renewable energy opportunities, application of incentives, calculation of ROI, analyzing energy and utility data, photometric analysis, energy calculations while developing measures to achieve energy conservation and sustainability goals.

A typical project will reduce the energy use to 1/3 of the current usage going from current inefficient technology to new LED technology. Depending on the incentives as well as run time a typical project will have a (ROI) payback of 1 to 2 years.  These number will vary based on runtime, but the longer the lights are on the more money that can be saved. We have seen many projects such as 2 or 3 shift industrial plants with ROI of 6 to 8 months as well. We do interior projects such as office and warehouse areas as well as building exteriors such as parking lots or wall packs.

We work with your existing electricians or could provide ones if needed to install projects. Within the next few years all lights are going to be converted to LEDs because they last longer, use less energy, provide better light (lower CRI for security cameras) and are more uniform creating a safer work environment. We would welcome the opportunity to help upgrade your energy needs whether it is lighting, solar, wind, or another alternative energy based upon your specific requirements such as Thermal blankets.

We specialize in maximizing funding opportunities through working with utilities nationwide. We have had past experience in the Commercial & Industrial sector implementing large projects for Universities, Industrial Complexes, retail locations as well as warehouses amongst other businesses.

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A Partial List of Utilities we work with across North America to maximize incentives for our clients

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